So what exactly is Paleo?

A Paleo Diet is derived from the original way our ancestors would have eaten out in the wild. Eating Paleo consists of meat, vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds and healthy fats.

What can't you eat on a Paleo diet?

Foods not consistent with Paleo include all processed foods, grains, legumes, refined sugars and dairy products.



What are the benefits of eating Paleo?

If done correctly, the "Caveman Diet" can have many benefits on your health, weight and overall physical being. Be sure to talk with a health professional before going on any kind of diet to discuss a meal plan that is right for you.

Benefits can include:

  • Detoxification from processed foods that contain unhealthy ingredients.
  • Clearing of the skin.
  • Balanced energy.
  • Reduced inflammation. 
  • Fat loss.
  • Consumption of more essential vitamins, nutrients and healthy fats.
  • Better digestion and less bloating.