About Us

Paleo Living Spices was created exclusively for the Paleo market out of necessity. As a Paleo Diet practitioner, I found that there were no seasoning blends available online or in retail stores that were made fresh and healthy.

They all contained lots of “junk,” as I call it. They were filled with high levels of sodium, sugar, MSG, and artificial preservatives, among other harmful ingredients.

“So, I made it a mission to create a line of seasoning blends that adhere strictly to the Paleo, Whole 30, & Ketogenic Diets.”

Paleo Living Spices comes in the original set and the all-purpose set of seasonings, which cover the main diet food groups. As a result of the success of my product, I have built a following with not only the Paleo & Whole 30 community, but with many more health conscious people from younger to older, from all walks of life, including active individuals, healthy eaters, fitness models, actors, crossfitters, bodybuilders, and athletes!

They all put their trust in my products, which is why I always go the extra mile to make sure they are completely satisfied.