HONEY CAJUN RUB: Sweet, smokey flavoring with a mild aroma of garlic! Perfect for creating colorful dishes such as mango salsa, honey glazed fish such as salmon, or anything you want to make taste sweet and savory.

LEMON GARLIC RUB: Garlicy with nodes of tangy lemon and a mild aroma of fresh black pepper! Perfect on all go your preferred meats and veggies.

ULTIMATE SPICY RUB: Spicy, but not too spicy. Delicious on meat and poultry, stews and vegetable stir fries!

ULTIMATE PROTEIN: A customer favorite and the ultimate spice rub! This blend pairs great with meat, poultry, fish, veggies, goes nicely in stews, soups, dressings and more! Tastes like the perfect balance between garlic, onion, pepper, and sea salt!

POULTRY SEASONING: Unique flavor profile of the world’s favorite Italian herbs and spices. Minty oregano, savory basil and piney, sharp rosemary are savored in this custom blend.

SEAFOOD SEASONING: Smoky, spicy, aromatic flavor accompanied by savory, sharp nodes. Perfect for more than just seafood. Delicious when added to sauces, cheeses, sandwiches.

VEGGIE SEASONING: Sweet and savory profile followed by nutty sesame and spicy ginger. Ideal for veggies and Asian- Fusion cuisine.

BEEF/PORK SEASONING: Smokey and spicy. Cumin, oregano and peppers gives this seasoning a pungeunt taste that develops over time as you cook, giving you a savory, wholesome flavor.