The Link Between Crossfit and the Paleo Diet

The Link Between Crossfit and the Paleo Diet

Both Crossfit training and the Paleo diet have been receiving quite a bit of press recently. One is a vigorous exercise program while the other is a way of eating rooted in ancient human traditions. This brings up the interesting question of whether there's any link between the two. Actually, Crossfit and the Paleo diet intersect in some important ways.

Crossfit is an extremely intense workout program that involves constant movement. It's a whole body workout that strengthens the entire body. It's extremely useful for many fitness goals, such as building stamina, losing weight and gaining in strength. Even though the workout only takes 15 to 20 minutes, because of its intensity, you need a great deal of stamina to complete it. When you get involved with Crossfit, you quickly realize that you have to pay extra attention to your diet and other living habits.

Some people think that the Paleo diet is a mere fad, but it's actually just the opposite. It's a way of eating based on the way humans ate before the era of processed foods, modern agriculture and preservatives. Studies on the Paleo diet have shown some promising results. A study published in Lipids in Health and Disease concluded that several cardiovascular risk factors were improved by consuming a Paleo diet. A study published in Diabetologia found that a Paleolithic diet improves glucose tolerance more than a Mediterranean-like diet, which is promising for people who are trying to lose weight or who are at risk for diabetes.

Many Crossfit athletes have found success with the Paleo diet. Julie Foucher, for example, a Crossfit Games competitor switched to a paleo diet after finding that other diets didn’t give her the energy she needed to compete at the highest level. In an interview withWODTalk Magazine, Foucher says that with the Paleo diet “I have more energy and don’t get tired or sluggish after eating a meal.” Another athlete who’s had impressive results on the Paleo diet is professional cyclist David Zabriske. After going Paleo, he lost 14 pounds and almost doubled his dead lift ability. His cycling power also increased by 15 percent.

When you're participating in Crossfit, one of the most challenging workouts ever invented, you need a healthy diet that supports this kind of intense activity. The high protein component of the Paleo diet supports muscle growth and endurance. Whereas junk foods and low quality carbs provide you with unhealthy energy spikes, the natural foods you consume on the Paleo diet support sustained energy. These are some of the reasons that Crossfit and the Paleo diet fit so naturally together.