Learn From the Diets of Olympians in Rio 2016

Learn From the Diets of Olympians in Rio 2016

Athletes are very careful about the food they consume. Health and fitness are important to them, and they incorporate these into their daily routines. They make sure to get the right amount of fat, carbs and nutrients their bodies need. For an athlete competing in the Olympics, diet is vitally important and planned out with exceptional detail. They have to be in the best shape of their lives for such a momentous event. Get some ideas for your own diet plan from the diets of Olympians in Rio 2016.

Most Team USA athletes eat a lot of eggs. Eggs provide plenty of protein, along with other vitamins and minerals necessary for athletes with vigorous workout routines. For those training for something as grand as the Olympics, protein is essential. When exercising regularly the athletes are tearing and breaking apart their muscle fibers. Protein, found in eggs and lean meats, help repair their bodies. Mixing protein with carbs is also a great way to turn protein into muscle mass.

Olympians train hard, and need incredible muscle strength to perform in full body sports like gymnastics and long distance running. Simone Biles and Aly Raisman are both gold medal Olympians, who compete in gymnastics. Their sport requires extreme control, tight cores, and strong muscles. Both of them are fans of lean meat, such as chicken or fish. Bananas and peanut butter are preferred snacks among the gymnasts, giving them much-needed energy by providing calories and carbs to the athletes.

Long-distance runner, Shalane Flanagan needs a lot of energy and strength to perform hurdle jumps. She, like many other Olympic athletes consumes egg whites for protein and almond butter for added energy and healthy fats. She also likes to incorporate a lot of fruit into her diet, including fruit smoothies.

These athletes work out rigorously and need foods that assist with post-workout recovery. Bananas, almond butter, and protein shakes all help to repair torn muscles and fuel their bodies with energy.

Olympians are careful with their diets, making every choice count. They intake the right amount of calories for energy, enough protein and carbs to build muscle, and foods with antioxidants to repair their bodies post workout. They eat right, train hard, and give it their all during their Olympic sports.