Healthy Mind Healthy Body Tips

Healthy Mind Healthy Body Tips

Hello everyone! Thank you for dropping into Paleo Living Spices’ blog post today. In this post I would like to share with you some of my favorite health tips I have discovered in my everlasting health journey. As you know health does not only concern the work you put into the gym, but the food you consume and the nice things you do for your mental being as well. So without any further ado check out the health tips I listed below. Enjoy!

  1. Create A Routine For Yourself

This is probably one of the most important tips I can share with you. Some things you should consider having in your set routine are: your sleep, exercise and self care routines.

     2. Stop Eating Past 7 pm

This was one of the hardest habits for me to break, but what I found when I stopped indulging into the late hours of the night is I woke up more energized and also a lot less bloated.

    3. Drink 2 Cups of Water When You Wake Up… Or More

Hydrate, hydrate, especially if you are scheduling your workouts for the morning it is so important to drink your water. It not only improves performance, but helps your body sweat out more toxins.

    4. Cleanse

On a rest day, devote it to clean eating and cleansing. Whether you drink green tea throughout the day, only eat green vegetables or do intermittent fasting with tons of water; try to find a way to cleanse that resonates with your body.