Building Muscle and Increasing Fitness Through Martial Arts

Building Muscle and Increasing Fitness Through Martial Arts

The rise of mixed martial arts has made people more aware of this style of exercise than ever before. Many people are discovering that they enjoy the high-intensity fitness provided by martial arts workouts even if they don't have any interest in stepping into the octagon themselves. Whether you enjoy the adrenaline rush of a fight or are looking for a way to incorporate martial arts into your fitness routine, there are plenty of benefits to this style of exercise.

The Benefits Of Martial Arts Workouts

Martial arts workouts have a number of incredible health benefits. It's a total body workout that checks in with every muscle group throughout the course of the workout, forcing you to pay attention to your entire body. Martial artists have improved cardiovascular health, improved focus, and great muscle tone. They often have lower blood pressure and cholesterol and improved control over their blood sugar levels. Martial artists tend to be in great shape because of the demanding nature of their sport.

Bringing Martial Arts to Your Workout

Checking out a martial arts class is a great way to incorporate martial arts into your workout, especially if you're looking at adding it as a long-term style of exercise. Even if you don't want to visit a martial arts class, however, there are several ways to bring the martial arts spirit to your workouts.

  • Try strength training exercises that are designed to keep martial artists strong and tough for their chosen sport.
  • Engage in high-intensity cardio that will increase endurance and get you ready for the ring.
  • Check out boxing or kickboxing, which are less demanding than many styles of martial arts.
  • Use a heavy bag or try out some shadow boxing as part of your routine.
  • Work out like Tim Kennedy, a former green beret who became a UFC fighter by continuing to embrace the warrior's path in every aspect of his workouts. This includes heavy-duty core training and working with kettle bells as he enhances his overall fitness.
  • Try out Jamie Varner's circuit training workout, which is designed to simulate the type of endurance needed in the ring and in a warrior's lifestyle.

There's a martial arts style out there for everyone, from small individuals with little strength to heavy-set people with big muscles. By finding a martial arts workout that works for you, you'll discover that your confidence takes off, your energy improves, and you have an easier time dropping weight than ever. What could be be better than combining your workout with your favorite sport?